Unified Communications

Unified Communications Systems

Unified Communications

This is all about taking the different media through which you communicate (desk phone, cell phone, IM, Email, Voice Mail, etc) and unifying them onto one platform.  McEnroe can implement a phone system that will give your organization true workforce flexibility.  For the professional on the go the most critical element is staying connected to your office and customers, regardless of your physical location.

Unified Communications also include presence management tools that allow you to see co-workers’ status messages (“In a meeting”), and even instant message them if you have an urgent matter and need their help (“Need you ASAP regarding the Kraft Foods account, call me after your meeting”).

The most important benefit is that you’ll have one interface that manages all of your calls and messages so you don’t have to worry about missing important pieces of information.


Mobile Collaboration is what allows you to make your smart phone act as an extension off of your phone system.  Through mobile collaboration applications you can receive calls and messages, intercom co-workers, and set your status message – all while on the go, from your smart phone.

Mobility does not stop at voice, however.  It is now possible to leverage your business’ video conferencing platform from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  Imagine being able to connect with coworkers via video and share a presentation while you’re stuck in an airport thousands of miles away.  See our video conferencing section to learn more[/accordion]


Through a properly designed Voice over IP system, you can enable full functionality and features via an IP phone set from an employee’s home.  If you’re experiencing inclement weather, for example, your employees will be able to communicate just as effectively from the safety of their home.

Teleworking also allow an employee who is feeling under the weather to still work from home, instead of “toughing it out” and getting coworkers sick.