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Top 5 Tips for Reopening Your Office Space

March 10, 2021, Written by 0 comment

It’s been exactly a year since the initial shutdown of March, 2020 took place. For the first time since then, it’s truly starting to feel like the right time to begin the transition back to the workplace for those that intend to do so. If your business has plans to return to the physical workplace as more and more individuals receive the COVID-19 vaccination, we have a hand full of tips to help you safely do so.

Don’t Force the Return

Has your business been working remotely for a sizable chunk of 2020? If so, it’s safe to say that the work was effective given that we are now on the other side. As such, we shouldn’t rush our teams back to work if they aren’t comfortable being there just yet. We’ve all formed new habits and workflows and having to suddenly abandon that can be quite jarring.

Approach the Return with Empathy in Mind

Since we’ve all quite literally redefined our typical daily work experience over the past year, we’ll have to have some patience as our teams get back into the swing of things. Don’t be surprised if certain team members need a little extra flexibility to account for things like daycare, aging family members and vaccinations (and their potential symptoms).

Reconfigure Your Day-to-Day

In order to accommodate the additional flexibility that modern workplaces will require as they reopen, many businesses have decided to adjust their day-to-day schedules during the early reopening stages. For example, meeting three days a week and allowing your staff to choose where to work outside of those three days will be a universally appreciated practice as we all get back into the swing of working in the office once more.

Strong Communication is Key

Strong communication will be as important as ever early on in the reopening process. Throughout the last few months, our workforce has been more agile than ever before, and we need to make sure we are backed with the communication platforms we need to stay in touch through it all. If you haven’t made the jump to a VoIP or Unified Communications solution yet, 2021 will be the perfect time to do so! That way, regardless of where your team is situated, you know for sure they’ll be able to contribute and collaborate.

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