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The Top 3 Ways a Video Surveillance System Saves You Money

December 21, 2015, Written by 0 comment
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Just the presence of a video surveillance camera can deter theft.

A video surveillance system is an essential part of any retail business, restaurant, bank, or other secure business. Video surveillance systems help to keep your business, employees, and assets secure. Oftentimes, a video surveillance system is used as a way to deter theft, yet there are so many more benefits that come from having a video surveillance system. Read on to learn how a video surveillance system can save your business money.

Loss Prevention

As mentioned above, just the presence of a video surveillance system is a deterrent to thieves. Burglars and even shoplifters are often discouraged at the sight of a camera. Plus, a video surveillance system comes in handy even if thieves aren’t deterred. You may have an access control system that requires a password to enter your business at night or early morning. However, if a thief manages to circumvent this system, then it’s helpful and often indispensable to have a video surveillance system, since you now have a picture to identify the criminal. In the case of a company theft, a video surveillance system can provide crucial evidence to help you identify the employee in question.

Performance Monitoring

If you have multiple locations, or are simply constantly running errands away from your business, it helps to have a video surveillance system that you can access remotely. Our systems can be accessed via an app for smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you can be two places at once. Not only are you more productive, but you can keep an eye on the quality of your employee’s work and give them individualized, helpful feedback. If you own a restaurant, you can also use your video surveillance app to make sure that all employees are following the standard sanitation regulations. This way, you know that your business is running at peak efficiency and you don’t risk having to pay hefty fines when the health inspector visits.

Audit Trail

A video surveillance system with a digital video recorder can be a useful tool for auditing a company. A video camera placed at the entrances and exits of your business is essential for seeing who accesses secure areas of your business. In the event of theft, video surveillance footage provides a necessary data trail to catch the thief and restore your assets. You can also use video surveillance footage to assess timecard discrepancies so that you are fairly paying your employees for the time they have worked.

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