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Should I Get a VoIP Phone System?

October 28, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Choosing the best telecommunications solution isn’t always easy. Despite the fact that landline solutions are a more dated option, they are still widely available and in use across the country. Between VoIP and landline phone solutions, which is really the best choice for your business?


With much of the workforce planning to continue working from home into 2021, flexibility will remain a key factor in determining the best phone solution for businesses moving forward. When flexibility is a factor, VoIP is the clear winner. VoIP allows users to fully operate their phone regardless of their location, provided they have internet connection. With landline solutions, employees need to be present at their workstation in order to make calls.


VoIP is also much easier to scale with growth. Rather than providing new physical units for new employees, VoIP solutions allow businesses to simply add new employees themselves with minimal hassle. Since all communication takes place over the internet, the only hardware new employees will need to start making and receiving calls is their computer or mobile phone.


Early VoIP solutions received criticism because of their inconsistent call reliability.  VoIP solutions are a lot different in 2020, however. Unlike conventional landline solutions, VoIP solutions are constantly being improved via updates and patches over the cloud. In other words, VoIP is already a great solution and it’s getting better all the time. Additionally, modern internet speeds are sufficient for delivering crystal clear audio between two parties.

Modern Functionality

A desk phone that connects to other phones through phonelines is hardly a seamless, robust solution for an employee in 2020. VoIP solutions offer so much more than that. Users can easily host group calls, video calls and even send messages using VoIP applications. Additionally, the fact that VoIP solutions work on virtually any device means that employees can use their preferred wireless headphones for communication, rather than being limited to devices compatible with their desk phone.

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