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Migrating to a Hosted Phone System

December 29, 2015, Written by 0 comment
hosted phone systems

You can access a hosted phone system from a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Many restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses have seen the value in moving their phone systems to the cloud. It’s faster, easier, and more efficient. Technology is developing quickly, so it’s only logical that your business’s phone system would keep up. Nowadays, our work travels with us. Many employees work on the cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Having a phone system that’s migrated to the cloud makes it easy for employees to access the phone system from any device in any location. This leads to better productivity, a higher-quality customer service experience, and more versatility and freedom. There are so many reasons to migrate your phone system to the cloud.


If you have a growing business or are already the owner of a franchise with multiple locations, you need a phone system that easily connects all locations. A hosted phone system makes it easy to transfer callers from one location to another. If you are opening a new location, you can save time during installation, since a hosted phone system only requires the installation of the phone sets and router. A cloud-based phone system is adaptable and flexible, making it easier for your employees to use and less frustrating for you to manage. Plus, you’ll only have to pay a single phone bill, rather than separate bills for each location. Installing a hosted phone system saves time and energy.


A hosted phone system gives you the freedom to access your phone system while also running important errands or moving to different franchise locations. You won’t have to worry about missing out on important phone calls because you are out of the office. With the hosted phone system set up for mobile devices, you can receive calls on your cell phone and even place calls on a cell phone. When placing a call, the caller can use a smart phone app with a user interface that allows them to dial out from their business number, access work voice mail, and even extension dial from their iPhone or Android device. This adaptive technology cultivates a more hands-on staff and a better customer service experience.


By using rich media communications through the internet, you have many more phone options open to you, including mobility and scalability. Plus, a hosted phone system can even save money! McEnroe Voice & Data runs a diagnostic test on your high speed internet to ensure it is adequate to run voice over, which then allows you to get rid of the telecom portions of your bill, like PRIs and analog lines. All in all, because a hosted phone system is internet-powered, you experience more flexibility, features, mobility, and scalability.

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