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How Unified Communications Can Reduce Costs at Your Business

February 5, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Many businesses have been making the switch to unified communications from standard telecommunication services. Characteristics like flexibility and mobility make the switch very appealing, justifiable and even logical. In addition to these convenient features, unified communications can also save your business money! How can unified communications reduce costs at your business?

Reduced Startup Cost

Starting up a telephone service for a business involves several upfront costs. These costs include phones for all employees and the infrastructure to make the whole operation run. After this, you will have to periodically revisit your system and pay for hardware upgrades. As your business grows, your telecommunication services will need to as well. Furthermore, if you run into technical issues in the future, you will need to spend even more for maintenance.

Unified communications (UC) eliminate most of these costs. Consider that desk phones are no longer mandatory since UC allows all communication to take place on a smartphone. This means that the cost of configuring phones and phone lines is eliminated. Essentially, the only expense you have to incur to ensure smooth operation is a reliable internet connection. However, it is very possible that this is something you’ve already had installed for your business.

Flexibility and Mobility

Not only do flexibility and mobility add to convenience for your business, they can also save you money. Consider that the mobility of unified communications allows your employees to work in whichever location is best suited for the task at hand. In addition, the ability to collaborate easily will ensure your business stays productive even if employees collaborate remotely. The bottom line is that UC allows employees to accomplish all of their needed tasks regardless of location, which translates to a business maximizing collaboration and profits.

Reduced Spending as a Result of Obsolescence

Every so often, upgrades are needed for conventional phone systems. This involves a technician coming in to install new hardware that you purchased to ensure your business’ telecommunications are up to date. The need to upgrade to avoid obsolesce is present for UC as well. However, a great thing about unified communications is that most upgrades come in the form of free updates that providers introduce in order to stay competitive.

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