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How Can Technology Help Me Cut Costs?

October 14, 2020, Written by 0 comment

It’s hard to over emphasize the importance of modern technology solutions for businesses in 2020. In addition to increasing productivity, technology can cut costs and make remote work much more feasible. How can technology save your business money?

Cutting Costs with VoIP

With businesses still working partially or fully remote and planning to do so into 2021, a cutting-edge VoIP solution has the potential to keep your team connected and save your business money in the process.

Softphone Flexibility

Fully mobile solutions like VoIP allow your employees to work in whichever location is best suited for the task at hand. Rather than being tethered to an office desk because of a landline phone, softphone mobile applications empower teams to work wherever they are needed or in the safety of their home.

Video Chatting 

For remote working to really work, your team still needs to be able to communicate effectively just like they do in person. Businesses across the country have been realizing that video chatting is the best way to facilitate effective remote communication, and most VoIP solutions include video conferencing services as well!

Hardware Savings

Flexibility and video chatting solutions will provide your team with the structure they need to work effectively in any setting, but VoIP can provide direct cost savings on monthly service too. This is because there are very little hardware costs associated with VoIP. Traditional phone solutions require customers to pay for their physical PRI and analog lines. With VoIP, on the other hand, all transmission takes place over the cloud, so none of those costs will come out of your wallet.

Overcome Antiquated Tech Woes

As applications get older and older, they’ll start to work poorly with newer ones. A brand-new VoIP solution may not be able to reach its peak functionality when installed on a computer with an outdated operating system, for example. Moreover, dated applications also tend to be far less efficient. It’s possible that your team is performing tasks on a daily basis that could become simple automated processes with modern tech solutions. In truth, nearly any repeatable task that your team is performing on a daily basis can be automated.

Eliminate Software Duplication Risks

While software duplication might seem like a minor ignorable issue, redundant software can actually lead to costly issues down the road. As an example, many businesses use a combination of free cloud applications like Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive to share and edit files. Committing to one of these platforms rather than using them interchangeably can be very advantageous for any business. When you use multiple redundant platforms, time is wasted learning how each of them works. Breaches are also more likely if a different set of security processes are used between each platform.

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