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Should I Get a Hosted Phone System for My Office?

February 24, 2016, Written by 0 comment
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A Hosted Phone System may cater to your needs better than a traditional phone system.

Traditional phone lines are a commonly preferred method of communication for many offices, but there are some instances in which a Hosted Phone System works better. For instance, suppose you want to place a long-distance call. The phone bill for the call would be enormous. If you often make long-distance calls, then having a traditional phone system is not economically viable. Because Hosted Phone Systems transmit your voice as data across the internet, a long-distance call would not cost any more than your regular internet bill.

Of course, a Hosted Phone Systems does have its drawbacks, like not being able to function during an emergency when the power is down. However, the advantages of a Hosted Phone System are so great that you may find that the benefits outweigh the risks. Here are just a few reasons that you may want to consider a Hosted Phone System for your office.

Conference Calls

When it comes to conference calls, traditional phone lines are limited. If you don’t have a use for conference calls in your business, then you may not need to switch over from your traditional phone system. However, if you are paying for a conference service to supplement your traditional phone system, you may want to consider using a Hosted Phone System that has the conference call feature. As long as your internet speed is fast enough, you can include as many people as you want on conference calls! Not only does this make conferencing easier, but you also will save money by not paying for a conference service.

Call Routing

If you handle many important phone calls that you can’t afford to miss, then call routing can help you to be attentive to your business without risking missing an important call. Call routing can direct a call through several numbers before sending the caller to voicemail. For example, a call will ring twice on your office phone, twice on your cell phone, and twice on your home phone before being sent to voicemail. This type of call routing allows you to travel and attend to every aspect of your business while still being easily reachable wherever you are.

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