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Choosing a Voice Solution for Schools and Campuses

February 19, 2020, Written by 0 comment

As technology has become more ingrained in our society, a plethora of new telecommunication services have been introduced to meet the needs of virtually every type of workplace. This is true for schools and campuses as well, who have several solutions at their disposal when it comes to implementing telecommunication services. What are the best voice solutions for schools?


We have worked with a variety of telecommunication services at McEnroe Voice and Data. To date, Mitel has been our favorite choice for schools and campuses. Mitel has worked with schools for over a decade now on fine tuning their offerings to suit both faculty and students. Mitel’s reliability and experience in the field is only part of what makes their comprehensive offerings such a perfect fit for many schools. Check out these features to learn more about how Mitel’s service could benefit your school or campus.

  • Built-in Mass Alert Functionality: You never know when emergencies might occur. In case disaster does indeed strike, Mitel allows schools to send emergency alerts and lockdown announcements over paging systems, text and email.
  • Improved Productivity: Missed calls are never a good look. Mitel allows schools to increase productivity by automating and managing incoming calls, outgoing calls, interoffice calls and faxes.
  • Better Collaboration: IP conferencing and collaboration applications help emphasize collaboration between the administration, faculty, students and parents.
  • Ease of Use: Mitel’s education solutions are very easy to install and become familiarized with. Mitel’s new users appreciate the fact that their system is easy to use and doesn’t cause a lull in productivity while users get established.

There are many telecommunication solutions out there for schools, but they struggle to rival the ease of use, reliability and safety features that Mitel provides.

Find the Right Communication Solution for Schools and Campuses with McEnroe Voice & Data

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Hailey Ploski