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McEnroe Data Named Top 10 Star2Star Partner for 2018

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

McEnroe Voice is proud to announce that we were named a Top
10 Star2Star Partner for 2018! This marks our third consecutive year in the top
10. All top 10 partners are decided from the pool of over 600 Star2Star
partners based on the number of seat installations completed during the
calendar year.

We’re Proud to Be a Top 10 Star2Star Partner

Star2Star Communications offers some of the best hosted
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications solutions for
businesses. With superior call quality, increased reliability and unparalleled
flexibility, you can rely on Star2Star for an easy-to-implement solution.

StarCloud Lets You Leverage the Power and Flexibility of the Cloud

StarCloud is a full spectrum communications solution that
offers a wide range of features including unified communications features,
tiered access, flexible call features and domestic and international
capabilities that make hosted VoIP simple. This solution is flexible and easy
to deploy using their easy account setup tools. With SD-WAN capability,
integration options, simple scalability and a centralized dashboard to control
everything from, StarCloud is a remarkable VoIP product.

If you are interested in learning more about how a top 10
Star2Star partner can help your small business, contact McEnroe Voice &
Data today.

Partner with McEnroe Voice & Data

McEnroe Voice &
Data provides versatile, affordable and flexible telecommunications and
security solutions to businesses throughout Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and
Northern Virginia. With access to the best manufacturers and excellent customer
service, you can trust McEnroe. To learn more, please call us at (410) 785-1600.

3 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade to a Hosted Phone System

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Upgrade to Hosted Phone System

Upgrading to a hosted phone system puts less stress on your in-house IT team and gives your employees more freedom and flexibility.

Growth is what all businesses strive for. But if your company is expanding, you have to ask yourself: am I ready? No matter how fast a business may expand, if it can’t keep up with its growing demands, it’s doomed to fail. The growing complexity of an expanding company demands technology that can keep pace with the company’s infrastructure. If you recognize any of these signs, it may be time to consider updating to a hosted phone system. (more…)

Migrating to a Hosted Phone System

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

hosted phone systems

You can access a hosted phone system from a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Many restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses have seen the value in moving their phone systems to the cloud. It’s faster, easier, and more efficient. Technology is developing quickly, so it’s only logical that your business’s phone system would keep up. Nowadays, our work travels with us. Many employees work on the cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Having a phone system that’s migrated to the cloud makes it easy for employees to access the phone system from any device in any location. This leads to better productivity, a higher-quality customer service experience, and more versatility and freedom. There are so many reasons to migrate your phone system to the cloud. (more…)