Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Whether your call center is made up of two agents, or two-hundred, the most important piece is providing your customers with timely and accurate service to resolve their issues.  Implementing call center software and recording provides empirical data that managers and supervisors can use to measure the effectiveness of their operation.  A call center that measures performance properly will be able to manage properly.

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How Can Call Recording and Monitoring Help My Business?

As wireless communications proliferate and the demand for bandwidth and data storage grow dramatically, telecommunications providers must manage costs carefully to provide competitive, economical services. At the same time, the convergence of communications media poses new challenges in sales and customer service.

Why Does Your Business Need Call Center Recording?

There are four major reasons to use call center recording in your business.

1. Evaluate Employee Performance

It is vital that your call center employ a monitoring program to ensure your agents are providing quality service. Recording technology is the backbone of a good monitoring program.

You can record agent/customer interactions, review and evaluate those interactions and then provide constructive coaching and training based on the results.

2. Gather Intel

Interactions between customers and your agents contain a wealth of important knowledge you can harness to benefit your company. Call center recording allows you to identify trends, improve communications and eliminate areas of concern before they become problems.

Recording and monitoring help you understand your customer better and build quality relationships.

Financial Compliance Recording/Monitoring

Confirm transactions,reduce liability and mitigate risks, ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. With compliance recording/monitoring, your firm will deliver productive, consistently high-quality interactions.

Ensure Legal Compliance –

You’ve worked hard to build a reputable business. Utilize call center recording/monitoring to protect your company and your employees. With the national Do-Not- Call list, contact centers must comply with rules and regulations and adhere to strict policy. Call center recording and monitoring can help ensure full compliance.

For example, many organizations in Baltimore and across Maryland,must adhere to the stringent rules outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act (HIPPA). Call center recording and monitoring can provide proof to demonstrate compliance in the event of an audit or other assessment.

Serving the Baltimore, Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia metro area for more than 35 years, McEnroe Voice and Date has the experience to design and implement a call center recording/monitoring system that is right for your business.

We know every business is unique in their recording and monitoring needs. Call us to day for a free evaluation!

3. Contact Centers

Today’s business environment requires contact centers to operate at peak efficiency while improving customer relationships. Verint’s advanced suite of contact center recording, monitoring, evaluation and reporting tools assist our customers in improving customer experience, enhancing productivity, retaining agents, enhancing agents’ skill sets, and minimizing training costs.

Contact Center Managers today need to:

  • Earn customer loyalty
  • Upsell/cross-sell successfully
  • Increase revenue and yields from an often finite customer base (while lowering costs)
  • Manage risk and meet compliance standards
  • Reduce staff turnover and ignite brand evangelism!

Capturing and evaluating interactions with customers has become essential. And yet the business case for investing in today’s quality management technology goes far beyond the old concept of catching the rogue call center rep misleading customers or behaving unprofessionally. Today’s technology allows for an impact that is far more reaching than the one-dimensional “QA Checklists” of the past. For more information about Contact Center solutions, please contact us.

4. Financial Compliance Reporting

Banks and other financial services organizations operate in an environment increasingly governed by stringent regulations—particularly around maintaining the privacy of customer data—as well as the pressures of consolidation, cost-cutting, and the need to manage staffing resources more effectively across branches.

Why Record?

  • Ensure regulatory compliance during internal operations and interactions with customers.
  • Maintain security and track threatening calls.
  • Ensure exceptional service and quality in customer interactions.
  • Ensure that appropriate operation and emergency procedures are followed by vehicle operators/drivers; track crews.
  • Protect company from fraud and lawsuits.

For more information about Transportation & Utility solutions, please contact us.

How does a unified messaging service reduce cost?

  1. A Unified Messaging system uses automatic data transfer to reduce call times, increasing the service call volume your live agents can handle.
  2. Use Unified Messaging with your current customer relations management (CRM) system for greater service efficiency.
  3. Unified Messaging simplifies agent workload, reducing stress. Screen pops reduce customer frustration, increasing agent job satisfaction which leads to fewer sick days and increased productivity.

It’s time to utilize a Unified Messaging service system. Let McEnroe Voice and Data evaluate your system and show you how an advanced Unified Messaging service will work for you.

Through consultation we can determine the Unified Messaging system that is right for your business. Our offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC/Virginia are ready to serve you.

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