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Are You Accounting for All of Your Utilities as Part of the PPP?

April 8, 2020, Written by 0 comment

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has introduced a lot of uncertainties in all of our lives. As business owners, we are currently faced with several decisions that probably were not even on our radar just a few months ago. By now, you’ve surely made several day-to-day changes in order to weather this storm in the safest way possible while still serving your customers and clients. Your telecommunications services are also very important at this time, and we’ve prepared some advice for you to ensure that this crucial facet of your business is readily available and reliable.

Maintenance Contracts

At McEnroe Voice and Data, we’ve been busier than ever helping customers with their telecommunication needs. In fact, as companies rely more and more on their ability to telework, we have personally seen a 3- and 4-time spike in service tickets each day (almost all related to teleworking and programming). Naturally, communication is essential to businesses, so we’ve remained open and are equipped to solve any issues with cleanliness and safety at the forefront of our mind.

Now is as important a time as ever to have support and coverage for your telecom system, and the upcoming stimulus package may make this possible for your business.

Utilities Are Covered by the CARES Act Through the Paycheck Protection Program

It only makes sense that businesses have to cut corners in certain areas during this period of economic uncertainty. Luckily, the upcoming stimulus package could make it significantly easier for businesses to make ends meet. The Paycheck Protection Program (i.e. PPP) contains several notable allowable uses, including Payroll, Mortgages, Rent and Utilities.  Telephone services are included in the “Utility” definitionWe hope that this eases any potential concerns about renewing your services during this period where you may end up needing them more than ever.

You Can Trust McEnroe Voice & Data with Your Telecommunication Services

McEnroe Voice & Data provides versatile, affordable and flexible telecommunications, VoIP and security solutions to businesses throughout Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. With access to the best manufacturers and excellent customer service, you can trust McEnroe. To learn more, please call us at (410) 785-1600.

Hailey Ploski