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3 Myths About Unified Communications

April 22, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Unified Communications is a great telecommunications solution that has allowed many businesses to step up their game when it comes to communicating with great versatility and reliability. UC has become a go to choice in many fields including health, government, real estate and even education. Due to the popularity spike in UC, a few myths have also started to surface. When it comes to upgrading telecommunications providers for your business, be sure to avoid these 3 myths.

Myth #1: Unified Communications is Too Expensive

People often assume that switching to a UC system is a massive undertaking that includes lofty startup and recurring costs. We are happy to report that this is not the case.  With UC, the primary expense is simply the price of adding the UC licensing to your current system. After adding this piece (usually at a reasonable cost), UC is able to seamlessly operate in conjunction with your current telecommunications system.

Myth #2: Unified Communications is a New, Unreliable Solution

In recent years, the popularity of UC has increased significantly. However, UC has actually been around for over ten years. Throughout that time, reliability has improved to the point where UC is relied upon by countless businesses for day to day interactions within organizations and for external communication.

Myth #3: Unified Communications Offers Essentially the Same Features as Traditional Solutions

There are certainly a few similarities between UC and traditional solutions, but traditional solutions only scratch the surface of UC capabilities. While both UC and traditional solutions use desk phones as nodes within the system, UC offers a lot more versatility. UC is more of an all-encompassing solution which allows users to seamlessly add mobile phones and computers to the mix. With UC, regardless of where your employees are working, they will effectively be tied in with the rest of the team.

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