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3 Essential Features for a Business Phone System

January 7, 2016, Written by 0 comment
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One useful feature of a business phone system is the ability to conduct conference calls.

An efficient business phone system is essential for any company that wants to succeed. VoIP phone systems are a great choice for many businesses because they are so versatile and have so many beneficial features. However, traditional phone systems also offer many features that are valuable to a growing business. Having the right features in a business phone system can be the key to your company’s success. You want to make sure that your business phone system has the best features to keep your company efficient and productive. Here are our three top picks for the most essential business phone features.

1.      Mobile Twinning

Mobile twinning keeps your employees and clients connected. You can connect clients to the correct employee quickly and efficiently. If you use a VoIP phone system, you can connect your employees’ cell phone numbers to the business phone system so that when you route or forward a call, it will connect to the employee’s cell phone without revealing their actual cell phone number. It’s quick and secure. Business associates can answer calls when they are on the road or at a satellite office. Having call routing a forwarding services will also ensure that clients have a great customer service experience by being quickly connected to the right people.

2.      Automated Call Distribution and Auto-Attendants

If you have clients who do not expect to be kept waiting for someone to answer the phone, then you need automated call distribution and auto-attendants. You can route clients to the right department with an automated directory service, which saves time, energy, and money by not requiring an extra employee to route calls. You can even set an automated message to play during your business’s off hours that informs callers of when you will be open again.

3.      Audio Conferencing

Many business phone systems have audio conferencing features that allow you to talk to several people at once. Being able to offer audio conferencing to traveling employees helps your company to be more mobile and efficient. You can also offer audio conferencing services to your clients as well. Clients will be grateful to have the option to do an audio conference rather than have to spend money and energy on traveling to see you in person. You can even host a private conference by offering clients an exclusive dial-in number that bridges them to one specific conference call. Being able to offer private conference calls is a great feature of any business that wants to connect with their clients.

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