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We are proud to carry and provide Avaya’s Radvision Video conferencing solution so our customers can
increase their profitability and decrease operational expense by eliminating unnecessary travel.

Radvision’s latest innovations including high performance room systems,
unmatched telepresence and desktop communications, and mobile conferencing solutions are key
examples of Radvision’s transformation from an infrastructure provider to delivering a full portfolio of
video conferencing solutions.

Radvision’s SCOPIA product portfolio provides comprehensive and powerful visual communication
solutions that allow advanced voice, data and video conferencing. The SCOPIA product offering
includes network infrastructure solutions for multi-party conferencing, network connectivity and
firewall traversal; endpoint solutions for board rooms, conference rooms, desktop and personal video
conferencing; and management software for scheduling, device and bandwidth management and
directory services.

The SCOPIA product portfolio is a powerful combination of hardware and software products that is
fully standards-based and offers the highest performance available in today’s video conferencing
solutions. Interoperability and interconnectivity is provided between any video-enabled device, such as
a telepresence system, a conference room or a desktop or mobile video system..

3 Huge Differentiators:

1. It is not Licensed-based: You’ll never have to decide which of your employees will be “allowed”access to this great productivity tool. Once the SCOPIA server is installed in your office all ofyour employees will be able to use video conferencing. Think of it as a virtual meeting room,where anybody is allowed to schedule and host meetings. More importantly, you can send ameeting invitation to customers and interact with them. An automatic 30 second download isall the setup that is required.

2. BYOD: Bring Your Own Device is the new techie buzzword. And with the amount of smart
phones and tablets in the marketplace, SCOPIA allows you to initiate and participate in a
video and web collaboration conference from any device. Whether you’re on your iPhone,
iPad, Laptop, or full room system, you will be connected. Traditional Polycom and Cisco video
conferencing systems can only talk to each other within your network’s firewall.

3. Interoperability: SCOPIA won’t make your existing video solution obsolete. SCOPIA can connect
to any existing telepresence systems that have an IP address and leverage them across and
outside of your network to make them more useful than they have ever been.

How Can Video Conferencing Change My Business?

The landscape of communication is changing. Technology can improve the way we do business. Greater efficiency, cost savings and improved productivity are within your grasp using video conferencing .

McEnroe Voice and Data (MVD) is the partner your conferencing business needs. Serving the needs of video conference clients in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland and across the country, we are a leading provider of integrated communication solutions.

Ask yourself this, why does my company need video conferencing?

1. Video Conference Increases Efficiency and Organization

It is vital to do more with less these days. Improve your company’s efficiency with a conference.

  • Utilize the ability to be in two places at one time. Being able to meet with your staff regularly through video conferencing will have a huge impact on the timely completion of your projects.
  • Collaborate with others with conferencing. Share expertise and demonstrate techniques or products with others through a video conference.
  • Save valuable time. Using video conferencing, you can be back in your own office working as soon as the meeting is over

2. Video Conference Reduces Expenses and Saves Money.

  • A video conference reduces the need for business travel. If your options are flying a dozen salespeople into your main head office for training, or reaching them all through video conferencing, it’s easy to see which method is going to be more cost efficient.
  • video conferencing is a valuable means to provide training, conduct business meetings or client presentations or interview prospective employees.
  • Enhance the quality of life for your traveling employees and reduce expensive turnover with a video conference. Allow your employees to live where they choose and still get their work done utilizing the video conferencing service.

3. Video Conference Builds Better Relationships With Your Customers.

  • Provide better customer service by interacting with your customers during a video conference.
  • Seeing each other during a video conference conversation is more beneficial than a disconnected voice over a phone line. In a video conference, facial expressions and body language enhance communication and build lasting relationships.

We can design, install and implement the video conference service that is right for you. Call McEnroe Voice and Data today for a free evaluation of your video conferencing needs.


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