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How Much Does a Video Surveillance System Cost?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
video surveillance system

A good video surveillance camera has mobile access and motion sensors.

A video surveillance system is essential for keeping any business secure. Not only does the presence of a video camera deter theft, vandalism, and violence, but you can also periodically and instantaneously check in on your business from remote locations by using an app for laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Having a video surveillance system can also save you money. The list of benefits goes on and on. If you are considering purchasing a video surveillance system, there are a few options to choose from. (more…)

The Top 3 Ways a Video Surveillance System Saves You Money

Monday, December 21st, 2015
video surveillance camera

Just the presence of a video surveillance camera can deter theft.

A video surveillance system is an essential part of any retail business, restaurant, bank, or other secure business. Video surveillance systems help to keep your business, employees, and assets secure. Oftentimes, a video surveillance system is used as a way to deter theft, yet there are so many more benefits that come from having a video surveillance system. Read on to learn how a video surveillance system can save your business money. (more…)

Protect Your Retail Store with Video Surveillance

Friday, December 11th, 2015
CMS Live View

Our video surveillance system allows you to access your cameras online.

Video surveillance provides a necessary component to any retail business. Not only does surveillance deter theft, but it also creates a safe environment for employees and protects your profits in various ways. With our video surveillance systems, you can even access your security cameras via web browser or via an app for your iPhone, Android, or tablet.  Additionally, you can set up motion detection alerts via email or text to alert you when there is suspicious behavior at your location after hours. There are so many benefits to having video surveillance systems in a retail environment.

Deter Thieves

Just the sight of a video surveillance camera can dissuade potential thieves from stealing. This is the most primary benefit of having video surveillance cameras. If a thief is undeterred and steals anyway, video surveillance footage provides the necessary evidence to catch a thief in the act. You can even set up our video surveillance system that can be accessed online via your computer or smartphone, so you can check up on your retail business whenever and wherever. This is especially helpful if you have multiple retail locations and want to be able to access your video surveillance from one place. If you ever find yourself in a legal battle or need to make an insurance claim, recorded video surveillance can prove to be an essential tool to protect your retail business.

Create a Safe Workplace

Having video surveillance in a retail setting helps to put your employees at ease. Thievery is common in retail stores, so many retail employees come to expect thievery to happen if there are no surveillance cameras in place. This creates a stressful workplace and can contribute to high turnover rates. To create an environment where employees feel safe and valued, you can install a clearly visible video surveillance system. Potential thieves will look at the cameras and be deterred, while employees will look at the cameras and feel safe.

Assess Employee Productivity

Another great way the video surveillance systems protect retail businesses profits is by aiding management. With video surveillance, you can watch your employees when you’re not physically present and see how they act when you’re not around. This valuable information helps to shape the feedback and training you give each employee, creating a very personalized management experience. You can utilize video surveillance to get your team functioning with peak customer service and high standards in mind.

Mobile View

The mobile view of your video surveillance system when accessing an app via smartphone or tablet.

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